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Dental Bridge

Dental bridge being placed in diagram of lower teeth If you are missing one or more teeth in an area and wanting to replace them for function or appearance purposes, one option is to do a bridge. If implants are not possible due to personal preferences or lack of space in the bone, a bridge can be done.

A bridge involves placing a crown on the teeth on either side of a space and connecting those crowns through a false tooth or teeth in between.

Bridge Varieties

Dental Bridges can be fabricated in either gold or tooth-colored material depending on your preference. Tooth-colored bridges are matched to your individual tooth shade to ensure they blend in well.


One drawback to bridges versus traditional implants is that they do require a degree of additional hygiene to ensure they last a long time. Since the crowns are all connected special care will need to be taken to floss underneath the false tooth/teeth to remove any plaque or debris that may accumulate there. Typically we recommend a water pick to any patient who have bridges in place.


As always, if you have any questions about the process of getting a bridge, or are in need of one, the staff at Shull Family Dentistry is available to answer all your concerns. Call us today at 503-362-5019.
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