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Kid wearing football gear and holding sports mouthguardSports can sometimes be dangerous to play and can lead to some serious injuries. What many do not know is that many injuries involving the teeth can happen. That is why wearing a sportsguard is very important.

Due to a significant amount of injuries taking place, wearing a sportsguard is necessary to decrease the amount of injury. When you get in contact with Shull Family Dentistry, the dentist will go over the benefits of sportsguards. We will also explain how you can achieve the most protection for your teeth.

Advantages Of Wearing A Sportsguard

The number one advantage of wearing a sportsguard during sports is the protection of the mouth, teeth, and gums. Besides this protection, your teeth will not sustain any cracks, chips, or even worse, come out completely. An injury involving the teeth can be reduced or even eliminated if a sportsguard is utilized.

A sportsguard is only as good as when it is used. This means there are a lot of sports that people play and should be wearing a sportsguard but don’t because there are no specific rules stating their required use. With that, many dentists highly encourage using a sportsguard while playing any sport.

Cleaning Your Sportsguard

As your sportsguard provides protection, you need to also maintain its cleanliness so that it lasts. If it is not cleaned regularly or you fail to maintain its cleanliness, you run the risk of bacteria setting in. This bacteria has the potential to cause more serious issues in your mouth.

By having the necessary protection that a sportsguard provides, you can enjoy the sport you are participating in a lot more. Regardless, there will always be hazards that could hurt you besides your mouth, such as other body parts. If the bacteria on the sportsguard gets in your system, then it could easily travel to other areas through the blood.

When you have your sportsguard cleaned frequently after use, you will not need to worry about any bad bacteria. In order to have your sportsguard cleaned, it is best to use a solution specifically designed for soaking dental appliances. Ensure that the solution is also antiseptic so that it prevents any bacteria growth. It is important to make sure that the water you use with the solution is also at room temperature. If the solution and water are too hot, it could cause the sportsguard to deform and render it useless. All dentists advise that sportsguards be brushed using toothpaste in order to maintain their cleanliness.

Sportsguard Replacement

Over time, your sportsguard will eventually need a replacement. When you decide to replace your sportsguard, it is important that it gets replaced as soon as you see the damage.

Ordering Your Sportsguard

If you decide to have a custom sportsguard created, make sure to let our dentist at Shull Family Dentistry know. This way we can have the mold created so that it fits your teeth exactly. To get the process started, give us a call at 503-362-5019 today.
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When you get in contact with Shull Family Dentistry, the dentist will go over the benefits of sports guards. Click here to learn more!
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